Product Exchange Policy

Cheap2shop Guarantee:

This is our product exchange coverage program that is designed to protect all of our customers against unsatisfying or damaged products by offering 100% exchange based on our customers’ preferences.

What is the Refund and Exchange policy?

This policy will only be applicable if the item/order that you wish to return is purchased via

Purchases from cheap2shop retail stores and other e-commerce platforms will not be eligible for this policy.

We have a seven (7) calendar days exchange policy upon your receipt of the order, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Items/orders that you wish to exchange must follow all the requirements that have been listed out in our exchange requirement list.
  2. All packaging must be unmarked and not defaced in any manner.
  3. Any item that is received with tags attached must be exchanged with those tags intact.
  4. There will be no exchanges for intimates, undergarments, accessories and beauty products due to hygiene reasons.
  5. This policy does not apply to items which have been stated as non-exchangeable and non-refundable on our website
  6. Items purchased as part of a set or multi-item pack, have to be exchanged as a whole set.
  7. Exchanges performed through offline channels do need to be exchanged with the same item which was purchased.
  8. If there is nothing that fits your taste in the outlet store that you visited, you can either:
    I. Visit other cheap2shop outlet store branches.
    II. Send a request to our cheap2shop customer support team and request for an online request instead.
  9. No immediate offline refund via store option will be available for the customer should nothing fit your taste in the outlet store.

Exchange Management System (EMS)

All goods to be exchanged will require the customer to first send a request via our EMS procedures.

Step 1: Check if your order is still within the coverage of the above mentioned policy.

Step 2: Click and request in to your cheap2shop account at our website.

Step 3: Submit an image of the item that you wish to exchange and choose the reason why do you wish to exchange your order.

Step 4: Upon your request submission, our team will review on your request and get back to you within 2 working days. If your request is approved, we will send you a written approved email

Step 5: Upon receiving the [Approval Email] along with the item you wish to exchange, you may walk into any of our cheap2shop outlet store to perform on an exchange.

The request will be review by our team, and the customer will be notified on the status of the request within 24 hours.

Please note under this policy, we do not generally permit for refund:

The reason of exchange can be:

  1. Damaged upon arrival
  2. Manufacturing defective
  3. Manufacturing damages
  4. Not the item that you ordered
  5. Item has missing parts
  6. Not as per advertised


    If the item you purchase is out of stock or unfortunately delist, we will make the REFUND to the purchaser based on the items that he/she purchased. 
    The refund will follow bank process, usually will take 7-14 working days.

    Items for Customers to note:

  • Exchanges are subject to availability. If the store does not have any more stock, you may wait until they are able to source additional stock of the desired product or visit another nearby store.
  • Exchanges may apply for the same product of a different colour or for different products that serve the same function at the same price. Such exchanges are subject to a mutual agreement between yourself and the cheap2shop management team.